What Level Surfer Are You?

Whether it's your first ever time on a surfboard, or you're a bit of a seasoned pro we've got a huge selection of lessons available for you.

Knowing your ability level will make it easier for you make the right choices about which surfing course to sign up to. We will always ask you about your ability level when you book with us, so this simple guide will ensure you're learning alongside other surfers of the same level you're currently at.

Level 1 Surfer

Beginner, Novice, Entry level surfer.  Our level 1 surfers will go through our Introduction to surfing lesson learning the basics of basic beach safety, wave catching and riding the board in the prone trim position, basic manoeuvring, standing techniques, and paddling in the white water.

Our Level 1 surf lessons are held in waist deep water, using the broken white water waves to push us along to the beach.  You'll be learning how to choose and select waves, how to catch waves unassisted, how to 'pop up' and ride the waves to the beach and the basic controls. We'll also cover paddling skills and your stance to help build on the fundamentals that will carry on throughout your surfing. This lesson will give you the building blocks you need to kickstart your surfing!


Level 2 Surfer

Beginner Improver level surfer, able to ride a broken (white water) wave to the shore on a regular basis.  You should understand the basic principles of wave riding and be able to catch waves in the white water unaided.

The lesson focuses on improving your techniques, standing methods whilst exploring basic controls.  You''ll cover the differnt methods of standing to make improvments to your technique, with focus on acheiving a good stance and long rides to the shore. You'll learn how to take more control of your board, speeding it up and slowing it down along the waves, as well as adjusting your positioning on the board to acheive and maintain a good trim position. 


Level 3 Surfer

Improver Level surfer able to consistantly ride broken/unbroken waves to the shore with control.

Lessons for improver level surfers will include the basics of turning the surfboard to ride backhand and forehand along the waves.  We will work on catching broken and unbroken waves to practice the various techniques.  We will also cover paddling out and ways to penetrate through the waves - duckdiving, eskimo roll etc.  You'll learn about ocean processes and waves - how they are formed and why they break to help you develop a further understanding of the very things that you're surfing! A great way to begin exploring the different wave types and to push yourself that little bit further with your surfing whilst gaining huge amounts of confidence.


Level 4 Surfer

An Intermediate surfer able to catch 'green face' unbroken waves, riding along the wave face on their forehand and backhand with control.

After you've mastered turining and are able to begin exploring the green waves you'll need to learn a bit more about the differnt surf zones, positioning in the line up, surf ettiquette and wave formation. We will work on improving your style and consitancy whilst surfing the unbroken wave. You'll be able to begin riding a hard surfboard, and you'll get the opportunity to try out different boards (size and shaped surfboards) from our large selection of equipment.


Level 5 Surfer

Intermediate Improver level surfer able to negotiate the lineup, catch and ride a variety of different waves in varying conditions. Able to ride a hard surfboard, able to perfrom basic turns/changes of direction on the wave face.

We will work on using the wave to make the most out of your surfing - improving your turning, basic bottom and top turns and changes of direction along the wave to begin manoeuvres such as the cutback. We will often use photo and video anaylsis to coach you, helping you to improve on your confidence, ability and techniques. 


Level 6 Surfer

Advanced level surfer, confident in a variety of basic manoeuves including top turns, bottom turns, cutbacks etc on the open wave face with skill and control.

In these lessons we'll be working on surf specifics including fitness for surfing and video/photo analysis. We'll explore more advanced surfing moves such as the roundhouse cutback, fades and floaters in surf conditions  head high - double overhead. You'll learn to link your manouvres and complete your waves with style and finess.


Level 7 Surfer

Expert, competition level surfer able to ride comfortably in head high + surf, linking manoeuvres with speed, power and flow.

Our expert surf lessons are about performing committed manoeuvres in the critical part of the wabes. We can also deliver competition based training, including heat drills, surf specific fitness and training programmes, juding and scoring waves and manoeuvres, video and photo analysis and feedback. If you have specific goals that would would like to acheive or areas you would like to work on then we will discuss these and make a surf program to work on the areas of your surfing that need focus, for more productive and successful surfing. 

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