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'Kids Only' Surf Lessons for Children aged 6 -12 at Watergate Bay, Cornwall


Bring your kids along for our fun and educational surfing lessons this summer. Our 'Kids Only' Surf School is designed for children aged 6 - 12 years with lessons running daily throughout the summer holidays. We focus on teaching beach safety, ocean awareness and surfing skills to keep your little ones safe and happy on the beach this summer



  • DATES: Summer Holidays 16th July - 31st August 2016
  • DURATION: 1.5hrs
  • TIMES: 10.30am and *2.30pm daily                                                      *2.30 session only available once morning session becomes fully booked.
  • COST: £20 per child per lesson



  • These extra special lessons are designed with children in mind. Providing them with the opportuunity to learn about beach safety, ocean awareness and surfing skills and techniques with instruction designed around the way in which kids learn!
  • Lessons held in small groups for maxmimum safety. Surfing takes place in shallow water, no deeper than the childs waist depth.
  • A short 20 minute beach lesson followed by a 50 minute in water surf session, fully accompanied by our coaches give children the perfect amount to time for us to maintain their attention without them getting too tired!
  • Suitable, safe surfing equipment is provided (Soft Surfboard and Childs Wetsuit) with supervision at all times from our qualified surf coaches/lifeguards (CRB checked to safely work with children)
If your child loves the water, is a confident swimmer and would like to join our Kids Only Surf Classes this summer please call us on 01841 520052 to book.
Terms: A parent/guardian is required to sign the child in, and out of the surfing session. You will also be required to help your child change in and out of their wetsuit. parents may be required to assist their child in carrying their surfboard to and from the lesson and must remain within the beach vicinity for the duration of the lesson.


Please find some additional information for parents about our Kids Only Surf School and Lessons below. If you have any questions about these courses you can CONTACT US for further information.

How old does my Child have to be to attend the Kids Only Surf Lessons? 

We accept children aged 6 - 12 years. For insurance purposes we cannot accommodate children under 6 years of age. Children aged over 12 years of age will need to participate in our O'Neill Group Lessons, which are more suitable for their learning and ability level. We have a minimum size wetsuit for our kids only surf school so if you child is a particularly small 6 year old please tell a member of staff when booking. We reserve the right to refuse booking of any child who we believe to be under 6 years of age.

Does my child need to be able to swim? 

We require all of our students to have a basic swimming ability. If you child is a non swimmer or not confident in the water then please discuss this with a member of staff BEFORE booking your surfing course commences.

Does my child need to wear a lifejacket?: 

Lifejackets are not necessary for our water based activities. Children are provided with a wetsuit and surfboard (both of which act as flotation aids). All our children's lessons are conducted in under waist deep water with coaches who are qualified beach lifeguards and surf lifesavers.

Can we leave the children with you for the day? 

A Parent/Guardian MUST remain within the beach vicinity at all times during your child's surf lesson. We ask that you are available help them into their wetsuits, and are available 10 minutes before the end of the lesson to help your child change. Due to child protection laws, staff are unable to help your child with this.